“Blogger wanna-be but too broke.”

Personal and fashion blog plus anything that I think is BLOG-WORTHY!!!

I started blogging in tumblr with my writings (poems and stuff)- brokenhearted thingy. Then, my interest in blogging grew as I gain likes and reblogs. It made me think that maybe I can start my own personal blog. Since then, I always wanted to start a blog/vlog but I don’t think I can do it. Aside from financial problem (I’m just a student with an average allowance!!!), I don’t think my writing skills are good enough (I hate english) but I’ve decided to give it a shot and see what happens! 🙂

So I’ll be the girl behind this blog, Carla Belene Redondo! Just call me Carla. Basically, I’m 16 years old, born on January 18, 2001; from Philippines! 11th grader in Mapua University; and soon to be your future civil engineer– hopefully (still confused though). I’m an awkward person but I think I have a good sense of humor at least. For now, I’m gonna stop right here and I’ll just let my blog talk about me more.

Brace yourselves, taglish and grammatical errors are approaching! That’s a wrap!

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