Bestie Wednesdate!!!


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Catching up with my favorite date!  New school, new environment, adjusting is not easy. After a few weeks of stress in school, a break with your bestie is a must. It’s important that you give at least a day for your best friend once in a while. We are studying in different school(?) now, we’re kinda busy with our schedules but we still make time for each other.

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My bestfriend and I have conflicting schedules that’s why we are taking every chance that we can go home together, and in my 3 weeks of studying in Manila, this is just our second time. I waited her to finish her practice and we went to Imus. She said she wanted a milktea so we decided to eat at Just Tea Imus. I was planning to order the combo (milk tea + chops) but, sadly, they don’t offer it anymore. She ordered wintermelon milktea, and I ordered okinawa milktea, both have nata as sinkers. We also ordered bacon cheese fries and barbecue flavored chops. Chops, by the way, is a flavored chickenskin-like something (lol). After tons of chika’s, we took photos, ate our foods, then did her math homework.

But, wait a minute, I told you our story without introducing her to you. Meet my bestie, Millie Joyce. 💖

We become friends on our 6th grade and we’re in our 11th grade now. She’s always been there for me. She witnessed all of my heartbreaks and in loved moments. She cheers me up whenever I’m down. She never left me even when she has her boyfriend. She’s so supportive that I still need her to decide what picture am I going to post and to have courage to post it. I couldn’t ask for more, she’s the queen. That’s my bestfriend, Joyce! ✨


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