Nike Air Presto 


Hiii guys! I can’t help thinking about blogging this, and I think it’s definitely worth to be my first blog, so here it goes:

Nike Air Presto black/gum


I’ve been wanting this since I saw this on twitter. Like any other kid, I can’t afford it so I have to wait ‘til my father offered to buy us new shoes. I was so excited that day and hoped that this is available in the outlet we’re heading. And tadaaahhh!!! I got it babyyyy 💖


Actually, I was planning to buy the triple black one but the outlet got no stock. Anyway, I’m still inlove with my baby 💘 who wouldn’t love this shoes??? Look at it!!!
It’s very comfortable to wear and it’s light-weight. Plus, its look is Da Bomb 🔥 Perfect for everyday use, especially that I will be needing this for my everyday class (we don’t have a school uniform lol.) Take note, I’m always late, that’s why I’ll be needing a running shoes to literally run around the campus just to reach my class before its dismissal (hopefully, I’ll be earlier this year lmao.)


Aside from being stylish and comfortable, what makes it more superb is its GUM SOLE!!! If I am not mistaken the gum sole style is only available in white or black (like this) for women’s only.


I bought mine at Nike Factory Store, Paseo Sta. Rosa, Laguna (Philippines) last June 26, 2017. And I bought it sale as you can see in the picture 😛


Overall this running shoes is superb!!!


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